Lifestyle & Family Photoshoot

Life just rushes by, doesn't it? The days feel long but the years seem so short! 

We love capturing lifestyle portraiture, moments in time that you can enjoy now and treasure for years.

Making photos at your favourite spot allows for a relaxed shoot and images which really convey life the way that you live it.

Below, you'll find full details of our Lifestyle & Family Photoshoot package. 

Location Based

At Wembury Photo, we do photoshoots 'on-location' at your favourite spots to play or hangout, or just chilling at home or in the garden. We think this is a bit more relaxed, fun and authentic than shooting in an unfamiliar place!

Package Details

Your session can last up to 60 minutes, and you'll receive between 3 and 5 high-resolution digital images which have been polished in Photoshop. You'll also receive a high-quality print (size A4/similar), just let us know which image you'd like printed!

Pricing & Enquiries

Our Lifestyle & Family Photoshoot package is priced at £95.00

To learn more or make a booking, visit our contact page or email us at:

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